As long as you spend the most part of the day in the office
Choose the job you love, Work where your comfort is taken care

Why us?

Recreation and Entertainment

If you want to relax, you can enjoy Playstation on the 65 inch screen. We have various choice of games: Fifa, Grand Turismo, Read Dead Redemption, Mortal Kombat, etc. In our office you can find table soccer, darts, and for maintaining physical condition – table tennis. We often conduct tournaments. So you won’t get bored. ㋡

Gourmet Passion

Morning doping – delicious Nespresso coffee, or if you are already energetic and don’t need coffee you can enjoy a variety of tea with lemon, honey or even ginger ㋡. If you enjoy Georgian, Asian or Italian food you don’t have to think much about eating considering that these restaurants are in 20 meters radius from office.

One for all and all for one

We are fond of the Monday ㋡, because we are back in a pleasant atmosphere. Working process with us is so interesting and enjoyable, because our team members are able to work together to achieve the goals. We are working in harmony, appreciate and comfort each other.

Are you still thinking about joining us?

Are you motivated, determined, responsible person and do you enjoy caring about others? Don’t you want the funniest, caring and cooperative environment to become part of your life? If so send us your CV and we’ll contact you.

Current vacancies

Our team is looking for a construction cost manager.
Submission deadline - May 1, 2024

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Our team is looking for a construction project manager.
Submission deadline - March 1, 2024

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If you can not find interested position for you in this list, send you resume and we will disccuss it